The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan – Culture, Efficiency, Awareness

The success of an organisation’s cybersecurity investment lies in more than technology adoption. Organisations must also create a strong security culture, educate employees and establish a path-to-purchase that ensures robust security capabilities for today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

This Tech Research Asia (TRA) report offers evidence-based guidance for decision makers across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) on how to boost their technology investments alongside their operational performance and internal cultures.
It is based on a comprehensive research program that included a quantitative survey of 900 cyber and information security decision makers in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore; interviews with industry experts; and five executive roundtables held in 2019 in Australia (2), India, Japan, and Malaysia.

The research reveals that organisations in APJ face a series of cybersecurity shortcomings in the areas of education, company culture, skills, budgeting and operational management. Overcoming these challenges won’t be easy, but they are at the heart of problems with cybersecurity strategies and operational management today. There are opportunities to strengthen these areas in addition to the hardening of the technology platforms and tools used.

This report comprises four sections – the research results, individual country insights, a list of steps to consider, and the view of the report sponsor, Sophos.

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