Webinar: Malwarebytes' Insights on Game-Changing New Ransomware Like Ryuk

The WannaCry global outbreak gave the world a glimpse into a new wave of highly effective cyber threats that leveraged a number of pre-existing system vulnerabilities and combined threat capabilities. Two years on, we’re now seeing new strains of ransomware that are smarter, stealthier and more consolidated from the cybercriminals’ perspective. 
Ryuk and Globalmposter are two such new stains.
In this webinar, Malwarebytes Senior Systems Engineer ASEAN, Adran Yoong will share the latest findings from research that Malwarebytes has conducted over the past year to give an overview of the current state of ransomware in the ASEAN region. Adran will explain how the threat of ransomware has evolved, focusing on some of the most prevalent attacks that are already causing massive damage, such as the Ryuk and GlobeImposter ransomware variants.
Listen in as the industry expert shares ransomware remediation and protection tips as well as something called the “Ransomware Emergency Kit” that will greatly help you and your organisation to boost your cyber defences and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.
CSA’s own cybersecurity journalist Syed will also be sharing information on how the cybercriminals are stepping up their game, increasing both their collaborative efforts and the sophistication of their attacks.
This webinar will give you a deeper understanding of the inner workings of today’s ransomware attacks (and what the criminals are looking for when they carry out these attacks) in order to give you a much better chance of avoiding a ransomware infection.

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