Tech Lockdown Webcast with Halodata - Choosing the Right Solution to Protect Your Organisation from Cyber Threats

In the wake of Covid-19, the global workplace paradigm shifted to a remote workforce, and cyber attackers took advantage of it and preying on people’s fears. Since then, many companies have seen increased cyber threat actors deploying malicious files and other forms of threats by leveraging the COVID-19 theme.

But with so many solutions with all kinds of buzzwords thrown around – from ransomware prevention to AI-enabled and Zero Trust, what is the best way for businesses to protect against these escalating threats?

Watch this webcast where Resham Ganglani, CEO at Halodata Group speaks more about the cybersecurity threats facing today’s businesses more than a year since the pandemic first hit and how they can choose the right solutions in order to protect themselves in this new normal.

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