Cyber Threat - New Disaster for Corporations: Secure Your Data With Oracle Database Protection

Increased automation has improved our lives significantly and irreversibly. It has also led to the significant reliance on IT systems and databases to run life as we know it. But not everyone looks at these systems the way we do, and there are many out there who think of your systems and databases as fair game.  


Using Phishing, Ransomware, Malware, SQL Injection, Zero-day Exploits etc., these entities may disrupt your operations, steal your data, ask you for money, or simply bring you down on your knees. Attackers could be current or former employees, hackers, competitors, and even hostile nation-states.


Watch this security-related webinar, in which we bring local experience and expertise. We will also explain how Oracle helps businesses worldwide in saving your most important asset - your data.

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