AI Driven Security Explained

AI-driven security operations is an approach in the implementation of security within an organisation that leverages the power of artificial intelligence which includes machine learning, advanced data analytics and automation.

Security Driven Networking Explained

Security-driven networking is a modern approach in network infrastructure where security should be inherent within the environment. In this approach, importance is placed on both security and networking in order to fulfil the...

Dynamic Cloud Security Explained

Dynamic cloud security is a single set of solutions consisting of various technologies that provide security across a multi-cloud environment, from the data centre to different cloud infrastructures that an organisation may...

Zero-Trust Access Explained

Zero-Trust Access is a security model that works on the principle where no user or device is allowed to access a service or data until they are proven to be trusted. This approach aims to improve security by assuming everything,...

Remote Workers Under Cyber Attack

When we talk about remote working, remote workers may choose to work in co-working spaces, cafes or public areas, basically anywhere that offers a good Wi-Fi connection.   However, Public WIFI has become a remote working...

A Simpler Approach to Endpoint Security

Move beyond the discussion of traditional antivirus versus next-generation endpoint protection and solve the true security and complexity issues facing organizations today.

What is Next Generation Firewall?

Find out what next generation firewalls are, how they differ from traditional firewalls, why companies need them.

Understanding Identity And Access Management

Domain 5 of the CISSP certification course offered by Simplilearn. This domain provides an introduction to the Identity and Access Management.

What is CyberSecurity?

Reuben Paul explains in this video, the definition and components of CyberSecurity.