Micro Focus CTO Niel Pandya Highlights the Need for DevSecOps in Exclusive Interview

There is a vital component to DevOps that companies need to be taking into account: Security. Adding this security component transforms DevOps into DevSecOps and keeps the software supply chain secure against cyber attackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities in this chain.

To further understand the importance of this security component, Cybersecurity Asean recently caught up with Niel Pandya, CTO & Business Development Lead for Cyber Resiliency at Micro Focus, one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers delivering mission-critical technology and supporting services.

Pandya has been working in IT for over 25 years now, primarily focused on security. He began his IT career with government agency projects in the U.K. He later worked at an ASEAN-based technology vendor as its Business Development and Pre-Sales lead for Data Security, IAM and System Management. Currently, Pandya is spearheading Micro Focus’s broad security portfolio, which covers Application Security, Data Security, Security Operations, and Identity Management, and helping enterprises in the region mitigate risks and secure the software supply chain.

Among other things, Pandya talks at length about the threats facing the software supply chain, the importance of DevSecOps and the things organisations can do in terms of security. 

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