Interview With Yien Wu of CDNetworks: Shielding the Network From Cyber Attacks

As the world undergoes digital transformation, individuals and organisations are increasingly reliant on digital networks to send, share, and receive information. While these networks have undoubtedly enhanced communication by making it easier and more seamless, they have also underscored the imperative for robust cybersecurity solutions to ensure the safety and security of these digital interactions.

CDNetworks is meeting this challenge by making it the company’s mission to provide better cybersecurity solutions, especially within the growing digital economy of Southeast Asia.

In this interview, we have asked Yien Wu, Head of Sales for SSEA and ANZ at CDNetworks, to share insights into the growing cybersecurity challenges in the Southeast Asia region—and how these can be best addressed.

Learn more about Wu's insights on the unique cybersecurity landscape of Southeast Asia and how you can best navigate it by reading THIS ARTICLE.

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