Feature Story Video: Mobile Phones The Cyber Security Weak Point

Wake up, get out of bed, freshen up, eat and get on with work at home is the morning routine of most remote workers. No need to brave the morning traffic jams or the packed public transport because technology has made things easier for all. But with all this ease comes a danger.
When the pandemic first began, remote working was not a choice that organisations made willingly. IT teams were forced to figure out ways to accommodate this sudden shift, and cybercriminals took full advantage of the unpreparedness of enterprises and businesses to launch attacks.
Now, as the physical dangers subside, it looks as though remote working is here to stay. According to the Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2021, 81% of enterprises have begun adopting a hybrid workplace structure. Many organisations have found remote working and BYOD policies beneficial even among all the dangers.
Which begs the question "do the benefits outweigh the risks?"
To find out, we decided to consult Mazhar Zoaib Ali, General Manager, Customer Success at Microsoft, regarding the dangers of the hybrid workforce and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) environments.
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