Phil Trainor, Director, Security Solutions, Keysight Technologies

Phil Trainor has more than 15 years’ experience in senior network security engineering roles for global technology companies and is currently director, security solutions for Keysight Technologies.
Prior to this role and the acquisition of Ixia by Keysight, he was lead for Ixia’s security business for the APAC region. In addition to this role, Phil headed up product direction and business development of Ixia’s BreakingPoint Security solution. Phil has worked with this solution for nearly 10 years. Phil brings a wide range of experience in applications and security network testing to his role at Ixia. He is responsible for product development and enhancements, and continuously works to optimise Ixia’s security solutions.
Innovative and persistent, Phil is also well versed in developing exploits, uncovering zero-day attacks, and building security tools that identify flaws in, or complement, next generation firewall, IPS, DDoS, and data loss prevention devices; LTE/3G equipment; web applications; and anything with an IP address.
Prior to Ixia, Phil worked as a senior systems engineer at BreakingPoint Systems where he was responsible for the industry's highest-rated network performance, security, and resiliency testing equipment, before the company was acquired by Ixia. Across this role and his next as senior technical product manager for Ixia, Phil has been responsible for the implementation of the BreakingPoint solution across dozens of companies, including a number of the Fortune 500; cutting edge startups that have since gone public; and the US Department of Defense.
Phil holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He also frequently appears as a guest lecturer at security events, including BlackHat, RSA, ISSA, Microsoft Digital Crimes Consortium (Microsoft DCC), CyberTech Isreal, and ToorCon.

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