2019 Press Releases

November 20, 2019

YesWeHack launches the world's first bug bounty educational platform

YesWeHack, Europe's leading bug bounty company, announced the launch of YesWeHack EDU, the world's first bug bounty education platform dedicated to cybersecurity training.
Taking advantage of recognised expertise in Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), which gives security researchers a route to disclose a vulnerability impacting a specific system or application, as well as its unique ecosystem of customers and researchers, YesWeHack EDU trains users to detect security vulnerabilities in realistic scenarios, identical to what exists today within organisations and governments.
"Cybersecurity has become an economic and societal issue. Disturbingly, the sector suffers from an imbalance between the state of the threat and the market's actual defence capabilities," commented Kevin Gallerin, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, YesWeHack. "To remedy this, the capacity of public and private actors to detect and correct shortcomings in a professional and ethical manner must be rapidly strengthened — and this requires specialised training and better information sharing.” 
Aimed at Information Technology and specifically, cybersecurity curriculums in schools and universities, YesWeHack EDU’s educational approach encourages simulation through gamification and the involvement of each student in securing their institution. Above all, it opens up prospects for future developers towards promising specialisations such as DevSecOps, Data Scientist, Security Analyst, and related job titles. Finally, YesWeHack EDU facilitates the implementation of collaborative projects and cross-functional initiatives between academic institutions and the private sector.
The launch of the EDU platform comes on the back of several other initiatives with the education sector, including a recent bug-bounty workshop organised in partnership with Singapore Polytechnic.
"According to a study published by Gartner, 50% of companies worldwide are expected to implement bug bounty programmes by 2022, compared to just 5% today. We are launching YesWeHack EDU to address the severe talent shortage currently facing the cybersecurity industry. This program will also provide the academic community with a sophisticated training platform that will professionalise vulnerability management and provide further training for the new age of cybersecurity roles, " explains Kevin Gallerin, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, YesWeHack.
Available globally, the YesWeHack EDU platform is aligned with the SPARTA consortium initiative, of which YesWeHack is a founding member, that aims to strengthen both innovation and research in cybersecurity at the European level.