2018 Press Releases

December 20, 2018

Three Providers of Mobile App Security Testing Named IDC Innovators

International Data Corporation's (IDC) Innovators report profile three companies that offer compelling and differentiated mobile app security testing solutions. The three companies named IDC Innovators are High-Tech Bridge, Kryptowire, and NowSecure.

Enterprises around the globe are developing and deploying mobile applications that have code, back-end integration flaws, and other built-in aspects that make the people and companies using these apps vulnerable to data theft or misuse. Manual inspection of the code, firmware, devices, and so forth is too time intensive for many organizations and is prone to human error. Innovations in mobile app security testing use machine intelligence and other automations to reduce the risks in mobile app development, shorten the time that companies spend inspecting code, and allow businesses to more quickly deploy safer mobile apps.

"Organizations are pressed for time, resources, and money but simply cannot cut corners when it comes to mobile app testing," said Denise Lund, research director, Enterprise Mobility at IDC. "Vendors will go far with buyers if they have proven that their use of machine intelligence reduces false positives in the identification of mobile app vulnerabilities or discovers unusual vulnerabilities before these wreak havoc on employees, businesses, and brands in the market."

High-Tech Bridge uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to test mobile app security and privacy. Its solution leverages intelligence collected from prior app tests and app usage circumstances, as well as manual testing in complex cases, to mitigate false positives.

Kryptowire offers technologies that test the compliance of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) software as well as mobile device firmware against the highest levels of international security and privacy standards, thereby enabling clients to efficiently mitigate security risks by addressing exploitable app vulnerabilities.

NowSecure provides mobile app security testing that autoinjects actual application attack code into the app binary for dynamic and behavioral testing. By frequently updating the intelligence in its testing software, NowSecure can effectively replace app testing staff.