2018 Press Releases

September 19, 2018

ThreatConnect Joins Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program

ThreatConnect, Inc.® today announced it has joined the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program (TIPP), a global ecosystem composed of more than 100 participating technology companies, in a collaborative effort to combat cyber-crime and secure the cloud generation.
As part of Symantec TIPP, ThreatConnect can leverage an open ecosystem which includes a complete API framework, as well as integration with the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. ThreatConnect and Symantec will explore and strive to offer API- based integrated solutions that best service customers and help protect them from security threats. Also, as part of Symantec TIPP, ThreatConnect will have access to Symantec technology, tools, and support, to enable delivery of these API-integrated solutions to market faster and more efficiently.
ThreatConnect CEO Adam Vincent commented, “We are excited for our inclusion into the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program. Combining ThreatConnect with Symantec’s world-class security product portfolio will allow individuals and organizations to expand their ability to make informed, effective business decisions.”
“In the cloud generation, it’s important for companies to work with an open ecosystem to reduce the potential risk of fragmentation that can result in increased vulnerabilities and high operating costs,” said Peter Doggart, vice president of Business Development at Symantec. “By integrating with the latest, advanced security technologies, our partners can help protect their customers and data from threats. Through the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program, we’ve made our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform open for integration in order to develop deep technical integrations. Together, we can make a positive impact and help make the world a safer place from cyber threats.”