2020 Press Releases

November 18, 2020

Tanium Partners with IBM to Provide Security and Compliance Monitoring Solution for Regulated Industries

Tanium, the provider of unified endpoint management and security built for the world's most demanding IT environments, announced it is working with IBM to create a security and compliance monitoring solution for hybrid cloud, creating an easy path to verify and validate compliance for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and government. IBM Cloud customers can access Tanium-delivered compliance monitoring for continuous, real-time visibility across endpoints everywhere. This collaboration is designed to enable customers to manage and protect their mission-critical workloads in a distributed hybrid cloud environment.

Agility is a key requirement for every industry and adopting a strong hybrid cloud strategy is a key enabler of that agility. For financial services, healthcare and government organisations, however, meeting regulatory requirements and addressing security exposures continue to be concerned for cloud adoption. Regulated industries find they spend too much time, effort and money to obtain complete and consolidated audit evidence for cloud workloads because most public cloud environments are still hardening their compliance and security instrumentation. This is why, as recently as 2017, a Reuters analysis found that 80 per cent of financial transactions and 95 per cent of ATM transactions still ran on-premises.  

"For financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and government organisations, in particular, regulatory requirements and security concerns continue to be an obstacle for cloud adoption," said Howard Boville, senior vice president, IBM Hybrid Cloud. "Highly regulated organisations often face the need to choose between spending significant time, effort and money to obtain audit evidence for the workloads they migrate, or not modernising at all. We are working with our ecosystem partners to deliver solutions that can help clients modernise in an efficient and secure way. Tanium is one of our key partners that brings deep knowledge of endpoint security and compliance, and by making that information readily available in a hybrid cloud environment, we're aiming to ease these challenges for our clients."  

Tanium and IBM are collaborating to provide highly regulated industries, such as financial services, a consistent approach for real-time visibility, security and compliance to help them benefit from hybrid cloud transformations. Gartner predicts* that, "by 2023, companies that earn and maintain digital trust with customers will see 30% more digital commerce profits than their competitors."

IBM expects to integrate Tanium's capability into its Security and Compliance Center that provides continuous compliance assessment, enforcement and remediation that organisations can leverage within the IBM Cloud moving forward.

"Tanium works with the majority of the Fortune 100, and the largest banks, healthcare companies and governments globally. Our large customers all have complex regulatory compliance requirements, which are often their biggest inhibitors to cloud-enabled modernisation," said Orion Hindawi, co-founder and CEO, Tanium. "Through our collaboration with IBM, we're helping our customers get the comprehensive visibility and control they need across the compute assets in their environment, both on-premise and in the cloud. As a result, Tanium's platform seamlessly integrated with IBM's strong compliance framework will help customers to satisfy their regulatory needs, and let them accelerate the massive benefits cloud migration can provide them."