2017 Press Releases

October 05, 2017

Sunrise counters increasing internet threats with cloud-based security from Secucloud

The forward march of current consumer trends such as smart home and the internet of things (IoT) seems unstoppable. However, increased connectivity often comes with inadequate protection that can open doors to cyber-criminals – literally as well as figuratively. In order to provide its more than three million customers with future-proof security, Zurich-based Sunrise Communications AG has decided to implement cloud-based security technology from the German firm Secucloud. The solution’s powerful internet security functions, which include parental control to protect children, are now available to Sunrise customers on a subscription basis.
The headline-grabbing attacks in recent months are just one illustration of how much the internet threat situation has changed. They affected large parts of Europe and the US and involved cyber-criminals hijacking a huge number of connected devices such as routers and webcams and using them for malicious purposes. Traditional IT security, which depends on each device being protected with security software, is clearly reaching its limits in the age of IoT. Some smart devices do not provide any way of installing additional software on them.
Sunrise, the only Swiss telco whose technology infrastructure and operational processes are certified compliant with the international ISO 27001 standard, has already taken early steps to deal with these challenges and ensure it is well-equipped for both current and future developments. The company has extended its service portfolio with an innovative security concept for its customers that is ideal for smart devices and increasing levels of connectivity. Sunrise now offers users an efficient way to ensure the highest possible level of protection for their connected devices with very little effort on their part.