2017 Press Releases

November 10, 2017

SmartMetric Cyber Security Using In-Your-Card Biometrics

SmartMetric, Inc., a United States based technology company has created a super thin micro fingerprint scanner for credit card sized cards.  The electronic miniaturization has taken the company over a decade to achieve.

Instead of old security and network access cards that are thick, hard to carry in a wallet, the SmartMetric biometric card is as thin as a credit card while being powered by an internal rechargeable battery.
SmartMetric has also taken the security card to the next level by combing both access control along with cyber network secure log on, on the one card.  The card also has LED lights that flash green or red so the card can also be used as an on the spot, anywhere, anytime biometric identity card.  Because the card has its own internal rechargeable battery the card doesn't need to be read by a separate reader at say a security desk.  The cardholder simply touches the cards sensor and if it is them, a bright green light flashes indicating that the person holding the card is indeed the rightful cardholder.  Making it ideal for on the spot security identity checks anywhere across a business or government complex.
From Cyber-Security to portable anywhere identity validation using the power of biometric security, created by SmartMetric