2021 Press Releases

March 25, 2021

SiberKASA Aims to Strengthen Malaysia's Cybersecurity Infrastructure, Ecosystem

Credited to: Bernama
The CYBER Security Empowerment Programme (SiberKASA) was launched today to improve cybersecurity in dealing with cyber threats and attacks that are increasingly complex, dynamic and more sophisticated.
Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said SiberKASA is an initiative aimed at developing, empowering, sustaining and strengthening cybersecurity infrastructure and ecosystem in Malaysia to ensure network security preparedness.
The initiative by CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) a cybersecurity technical specialist agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), contains three main components, namely human, process and technology, he said.
“A holistic approach that covers the three components of people, processes and technology should be the basis for policy formation and strategic planning," he said when launching SiberKASA here today.
Under the human component, he said many cybersecurity incidents were human-enabled because people use technology and the internet irresponsibly, are indifferent and naive, in addition to the social engineering tactics used by criminals to launch cyber attacks.
"As such, preventive measures such as awareness and training programmes should be held regularly for all levels of staff in an organisation and among the public," he said.
Under process, it involves the need to have guidelines, laws, regulations, as well as standards.
“From time to time we review and look at all aspects and when there is a need to make amendments, we will recommend them to the government,” he said.
In terms of technology, periodical testing for vulnerabilities and regular checks on the use of products that comply with safety standards would be conducted, he said.
CSM chairman General (Rtd) Tan Sri Mohd Azumi Mohamed said the human component included the services of CyberSAFE L.I.V.E Gallery and Global Accredited Cybersecurity Education Certification Upskilling Programme, which is a skill enhancement training and cybersecurity capacity building programme.
The CyberSAFE L.I.V.E Gallery, also officiated by Saifuddin at the event, is a hub for learning and teaching, as well as dissemination of information on cybersecurity in Malaysia, and has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the ‘First Cybersecurity Gallery’ in Malaysia.
Mohd Azumi said the process component listed seven Cybersecurity Industry Guidelines aimed especially for security product developers and system administrators, researchers, as well as users of related technologies.
The technology component under the SiberKASA initiative contains innovative products developed through CSM's internal expertise, among them, CamMuka 2.0 and xForensik, he said.
Meanwhile, Saifuddin said KKMM is in the midst of preparing a Cabinet paper for the Anti-Cyber Bullying Act.
"We have a rough idea of what it should look like but the first thing is to get the Cabinet to decide on the policy for us to have an Anti-Cyber Bullying Act," he said, adding the paper should be ready soon.