2021 Press Releases

November 22, 2021

RiskIQ Releases 2021 E-Commerce Guide to Help Businesses Unmask Cyber Threats This Holiday Shopping Season

RiskIQ, a leader in internet security intelligence, released its Holiday Shopping Cybersecurity Guide for E-Commerce. The guide examines twelve common characteristics, or red flags, of phishing and other malicious pages that threat actors will use to target e-commerce organizations and their customers this holiday shopping season. It demonstrates how beginners and seasoned cybersecurity pros alike can leverage open-source tools to quickly and easily identify each red flag.

This year, Adobe Analytics projects a record $910 billion in holiday e-commerce spending, constituting 11% growth from 2020. This record-setting pace puts e-commerce customers and merchants squarely in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. Hackers get more persistent by the year. RiskIQ observed a 20% increase in total blocklisted apps leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020 and detected 65 incidents of domain infringement across the ten most trafficked sites on Black Friday weekend.

RiskIQ’s holiday report, which examines elements such as the page components, DNS, and registration information, will help digital retailers fortify their defenses before the holiday rush ensues.

“By now, everyone knows that threat actors are targeting the holiday shopping season. Our goal this year is to share approachable ways for anyone, beginner or seasoned cybersecurity pro, to keep their organizations safe,” said Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny, RiskIQ VP of Product Management & Research. “We hope this guide will be a force multiplier and empower e-commerce stakeholders to identify cyber threats endemic to the holiday shopping season.”

RiskIQ’s global cyber threat workshop program has issued tens of thousands of CPE credits to thousands of cybersecurity analysts worldwide, with thousands more watching on-demand sessions. These workshops educate defenders and threat hunters on identifying the tactics and techniques used by threat actors. The company’s 2021 Holiday E-Commerce Guide draws on this knowledge to offer approachable tips that users of all skill levels can implement.

RiskIQ’s 2021 Holiday E-Commerce Guide presents security-minded advice, tools, and skills that brands can leverage this holiday season. By understanding cybersecurity red flags, brands can better understand their security blind spots and understand and anticipate how they’re being targeted throughout the holiday shopping season.

The full report, An E-commerce Guide: 12 Ways to Unmask Cyber Threats This Holiday Shopping Season, can be found here: https://www.riskiq.com/resources/research/holiday-ecommerce-guide-2021/

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