2019 Press Releases

July 08, 2019

Palo Alto Networks launches Prisma, a cloud security suite

Palo Alto Networks has launched Prisma, a complete cloud security suite (Cloud Security Suite), the latest innovation developed to enable organizations to move forward steadily and safely.

In the digital age At present, many organizations are beginning to have the need to use more security protection systems on the cloud. And to increase the ease of use With high security And is more perfect In addition, it will also make changes to all cloud applications. Enabling access to the system (Access), data protection or application security, which is no longer complicated and complicated by Prisma. Palo Alto Networks' cloud security products are a new experience. To occur under the use of Prisma from more than 9 corporate customers

"Palo Alto Networks' approach to cloud security is aimed at providing the highest level of security for the organization to respond effectively to cloud computing. With solutions that help protect and monitor the cloud, unrivaled, helping to ensure the protection and response of hackers from time to time. " Ms. Thitirat Thongthavorn, Country Manager, Thailand And the Indochina region. Palo Alto Networks said, "Prisma is an assistant to connect the headquarters with various sub-branches. By allowing users to use via mobile phones and connect to the cloud safely And also increase the confidence of using SaaS applications as well as rapid cloud application development. "
Prisma offers 4 cloud security solutions to prevent the following attacks:

  • Prisma Access manages the cloud access system for enterprise users from various sub-branches. To be able to access anywhere in the world safely With a leading global network security system that runs on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP ™) to expand more than 100 service areas, it helps to increase performance, use faster, and comply with usage Work in each organization Each organization can access the Cloud Management User interface or UI for quick and secure access.

  • Prisma Public Cloud, a solution that uses Machine Learning to maintain security on Public Multi-Cloud systems in order to sort and assess risks. Including searching for vulnerabilities and solutions on the cloud Thus reducing the risk of being attacked And increase the effectiveness of prevention To increase the flexibility of work for the administrator and system developer

  • Prisma SaaS, a solution to increase security and manage multiple cloud applications or Multi-Mode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), enhancing the efficiency of SaaS applications to be more secure. Which can help detect risks Prevent data loss In order to comply with the regulations and supervision of various information Including checking the behavior of users And can prepare for the attack in advance All of which help SaaS application management be more secure and efficient.

  • The VM-Series meets a new virtual firewall that can be used on both Private and Public Clouds, whether it's Amazon Web Services (AWS ® ), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure ® , Oracle Cloud ® , Alibaba Cloud ® and VMware NSX ® with automatic form or Deploy Infrastructure with Code as middleware or called Infrastructure-as-code Which will help reduce complexity and increase work speed