2020 Press Releases

June 25, 2020

ONESECURE Bolsters SIEM with RSA NetWitness Platform Security Upgrade

ONESECURE, an innovative cybersecurity company providing a wide range of managed security services, including 24x7 monitoring and alerting, announced the upgrade of its security Information and event management (SIEM) to RSA NetWitness Platform, as part of its continuous commitment towards innovation. RSA NetWitness Platform enables accelerated threat detection and response through data collection and analysis across more capture points and computing platforms encompassing physical, virtual and cloud, and enriching this data with threat intelligence and business context.

Starting July 2020, the upgrade, which will be in full implementation, will strengthen ONESECURE's detection and investigation capabilities, translating to an enhanced ability to combat new threats. The new SIEM will be housed in a Tier-3 Data centre in Singapore, with all of the logs collected, to remain in Singapore.

"Committed to being a trusted advisor for our customers on Cyber-Defence strategies, ONESECURE has been constantly innovating and reshaping its tools, to cope with today's rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape. We always endeavor to empower customers with the right solutions to protect them from hackers, and we will continue to invest in upgrading our tools to keep our clients' assets secure," said Edmund How, Founder and Managing Director, ONESECURE.

The new set-up will allow ONESECURE to serve larger enterprises and target even more diverse industries, given the enhanced capability to customise the SIEM infrastructure and software to different customers. ONESECURE will be offering two main services, as part of the platform:

-- Security-operations-center-as-a-service (SOC-as-a-service): This service offering enables customers to pay a monthly fee for using the platform and a 24x7 monitoring team. ONESECURE's managed services team will be handling the SIEM administration, freeing up enterprises' IT team's time to focus on other duties. Leveraging ONESECURE's expertise and innovative SIEM technology spares enterprises' IT teams from worrying about expenses around owning an SIEM system.

-- Platform-as-a-service: Customers will be providing their own 24x7 monitoring team in this subscription model.

ONESECURE has likewise made improvements to its web defacement monitoring tool, Webyith, and added Accedian, a next-generation intrusion detection tool, to its managed security service provider (MSSP) offerings.

"Our partnership with ONESECURE will help enable security teams to respond better through an elevated threat detection and response solution. This solution would allow security teams to fully assess, and ultimately, eradicate threats before they impact their business," said JP Yu, Business Director, APJ.