Malaysia Recorded Highest Malware Threats in Southeast Asia in 2018

Malaysia encountered the most malware threats in Southeast Asia in 2018. According to the 2018 Security Roundup report by Trend Micro, Malaysia encountered more than 16 million malware threats throughout the year with an average of more than 45,000 threats daily.

The report also highlighted that Malaysia has almost 350,000 malicious URLs hosted locally. About 10.5 million victims fell prey to these URLs, making Malaysia second in Southeast Asia for experiencing the most business email compromise (BEC) attacks last year, behind Singapore.

Trend Micro Malaysia Managing Director, Goh Chee Hoh said BEC scams have been a problem for some time in Malaysia. He added that to minimise the risk of BEC, companies need to address the human factors. This includes providing cybersecurity awareness training, coupled with adopting advanced security technologies such as writing style DNA, which can build an effective defence against BEC scams and other cyber threats.

In 2019, Trend Micro predicts BEC attacks to go one level down organisation charts, targeting secretaries, assistants to C-suite executives as well as managers in the finance department.

While Gartner has predicted Malaysian spending on technology products and services to reach RM65.2 billion, the rapid adoption of new technologies, especially IoT and hybrid cloud environment has increased the attack surface and entry points for enterprises.

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