2019 Press Releases

June 10, 2019

InspireTech’s EasiShare transforms security in workplaces

Author: Heoh Chin Fah, Managing Director, Katana Logic

InspireTech made its way down to Malaysia to reach out and share more about its solution that will change the way your organisation works and collaborates.
Speaking on EasiShare’s The Collaborator, Katana Logic’s Managing Director, Heoh Chin Fah engaged the audience in a unique way relating each quality of The Collaborator to modern day scenarios and lifestyle. He stated, “data is critical, just as the safety and well-being of your family.” This brought to light a new perspective and stressed the importance of security for your enterprise’s data.
InspireTech’s regional sales director, Max Chan gave a technical demo. Max detailed the variety of features and software architecture of EasiShare. The demo and explanation not only showed how effective EasiShare could be but also showcased the levels of added security it offers.
Among the features of EasiShare are early breach detection, semantic searching, file classification, full security access and level controls with comprehensive audibility. The partnerships and collaborations with many accredited companies have set InspireTech apart by converging technologies and offering robust solutions that futureproof enterprises. It has reputedly boosted productivity and overall efficiency through next-gen features like AI and machine learning. 
EasiShare has transformed workplaces in countless industries and sectors all around the region. Being accredited by the Government of Singapore for software, InspireTech is deployed at more than 30 government agencies besides large enterprises like RafflesMedicalGroup, The Walt Disney Company and Resorts World Sentosa. EasiShare provides enterprise-grade security that will not only keep your critical, confidential information secure; it will also prevent data breaches.
InspireTech has proven itself time and time again by constantly searching and exploring new ways to improve and innovate, as well as consistent performance, which it guarantees to its clientele. Having a positive and forward-looking mindset is what drives them to push boundaries and test limits.