2020 Press Releases

February 13, 2020

ExtraHop Helps Midsize Enterprises Address Security Maturity with New Analyst Service

ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network detection and response, has announced new products and services designed to help midsize enterprises address security maturity, reduce tool complexity, and increase efficiency to improve protection for their organisations.

The new ExtraHop® Spotlight™ service leverages the deep domain expertise of the ExtraHop security analysts and combines it with rich insights derived across customer environments to provide targeted threat investigation guidance for lean security and IT operations teams. The new ExtraHop Reveal(x)™ 5Gbps subscription package provides cost-effective network detection and response (NDR) that delivers complete visibility, detection, and response capabilities for midsize enterprises.
Midsize organisations face the same sophisticated security threats – from ransomware to insider threats – as large enterprises, but often lack the resources and security domain expertise to combat these threats at scale. ExtraHop's latest offerings, helps these organisations mature their security operations, keeping them focused on critical threats while aligning IT operations and security operations teams around common datasets and workflows. 

According to the 2019 SANS Incident Response Survey, the top two impediments to successful incident response were "shortage of staffing and skills" and "lack of budget for tools and technology."

With Spotlight, ExtraHop customers can now augment their teams with the deep security domain expertise of ExtraHop analysts, providing targeted education and investigation guidance for specific Reveal(x) detections, helping them maximise the value of their investment. The Spotlight service also has the capability with its layer of intelligence that can leverage visibility into the most common threats across customer environments to quickly detect and scale response for multiple organisations. The combination with the cloud-scale machine learning of Reveal(x) sees this collective insight across customer environments helps customers save time and resources by surfacing only the most pressing threats. 

"Midsize enterprises are subject to the same malicious activity as larger organizations, but often lack the resources that help large enterprises maintain an upper hand. Competition for scarce security talent is fierce, and budget constraints often slow tool modernization, leaving existing IT and security teams under-resourced. This new offering enables medium-sized enterprises who want to scale their business with a cloud-native network detection and response solution to efficiently cover a wide breadth of use cases.” Said Sri Sundaralingam, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at ExtraHop.