2019 Press Releases

January 07, 2019

D-Link's New Mesh-Enabled Exo Lineup

Editorial note: Seems like D-Link is working with McAfee to keep security its priority with its routers and extender points. With cybersecurity issues being rampant, it is undoubtly important that companies like D-Link work with security providers to ensure the most secure products.

D-Link today announced its new lineup of mesh-enabled Exo routers and extender points. The routers and extenders pair seamlessly to create complete mesh coverage with the added security of McAfee – all in a more traditional router format.

"This new lineup will provide the starting point for a complete Wi-Fi network that expands as a consumer's Wi-Fi needs grow," said Nima Jamshidi, senior product line manager, D-Link Systems, Inc. "It will also help protect them from viruses, malware, and phishing schemes that are more prevalent and widespread today."
The new Exo routers and extenders will all work together using D-Link's Wi-Fi Mesh technology. This technology makes it possible for consumers to personalize their Wi-Fi network and provides the speed and coverage they need now while giving them flexible options to expand later. D-Link's Wi-Fi Mesh also creates one network and automatically connects all devices to the best connection available, even as people move around the home.
The Exo lineup also benefits customers by providing four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the router with additional USB ports available for storage and other devices. Exo points include one Gigabit Ethernet port for stable connections to wired devices.
Each Exo router includes D-Link's robust security suite, powered by McAfee. The security suite starts working as soon as the router is set up, helping to protect every connected device on the network. It uses cloud-based machine learning that adapts to new threats in real-time by updating the threat database automatically.
The security suite also helps parents protect their kids from malicious websites and harmful content. D-Link's parental controls are designed to help protect children while giving parents the ability to create profiles for each of their kids and their devices. From there, parents can choose from a list of preset content filters sorted by age or even create usage schedules based on individual needs.
"D-Link and McAfee share a common vision of keeping consumers protected in the face of a growing number of online threats, said Shailaja Shankar, general manager, mobile and ISP business units, McAfee. "Our extended partnership with D-Link helps give consumers confidence to enjoy the benefits of a connected home in a time of digital uncertainty."