2019 Press Releases

January 18, 2019

Check Point and Cympire Execute Cyber Training Agreement

Cympire, a leading provider of cyber training solutions, has signed an Authorized Training Center (ATC) agreement with Check Point, a leading global provider of cyber security solutions. The contract marks Cympire as Check Point's selected authorized training partner for hands-on cybersecurity training, executed as part of Check Point's new Global Education program for security experts - HackingPoint™. Check Point is soon to launch a SaaS based Cyber Range, with Cympire's gamified cybersecurity simulation platform - SPARTA.
SPARTA is an advanced, fully gamified cyber training platform that allows users to experience hands-on cybersecurity missions. Participants of the Cyber Range events will enjoy competing in teams while they experience and learn from real-life scenarios and exhilarating challenges, all in a safe virtual network. The Cyber Range is planned to be officially kicked off during Check Point's upcoming CPX360  events in Bangkok, Las Vegas and Vienna in January and February 2019.
"We are proud to have been trusted by Check Point with providing the platform to support its new Cyber Range," said Ophir Bear, Cympire Co-Founder and CEO. "Partnering with a world leading cybersecurity provider is a testimony to the value our products bring to the education and training of beginner and professional cyber enthusiasts. This partnership with Check Point will further our mission to strengthen cybersecurity professionals' skills and readiness world-wide."
"Cympire's SPARTA platform was the clear and best choice for our Cyber Range," said Inbal Pearlson, HackingPoint™ Program Manager, Check Point. "As our internal trials have shown, SPARTA's fun and engaging gameplay turns cybersecurity training from a boring task into an awesome gaming experience and keeps users coming back for more. At the same time they get to implement their cybersecurity knowledge hands-on and walk away with tremendous takeaways."