2017 Press Releases

December 15, 2017

CA Technologies Named an Overall Leader in Identity Management

CA Technologies today announced that it has been named an overall market leader in KuppingerCole’s 2017 Leadership Compass for Identity Provisioning. In addition to being ranked as a leader in every category contained in the report, the report cites tight integration with other CA security products and modernized, leading-edge UI as notable strengths of CA’s solution.
For this report, KuppingerCole evaluated CA Identity Suite and compared it with other solutions currently available in the market, utilizing a core set of criteria based on the security, functionality, integration, interoperability and usability of the solution. In a comparative overview of all products included in the report, CA received a “strong positive” rating in four out of the five evaluation areas, namely security, functionality, interoperability and usability.
KuppingerCole is an international and independent analyst organization with a strong focus on Information Security, especially as it relates to companies undergoing the process of Digital Transformation. KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass reports provide an in-depth analysis of the main vendors in the market, defining each as a follower, challenger or leader. Using these definitions, the Leadership Compass Report also includes analysis across multiple criteria, such as Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership, to provide a correlated view of the data to give users a balanced, more insightful perspective.
“With its comprehensive portfolio, integrated approach and global presence, CA Technologies is amongst the market leaders when it comes to the Identity and Access Management segment,” said Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst at KuppingerCole. “The company’s innovative, enterprise-class solutions are proven to deliver security at scale and ensure that all users have the correct access without sacrificing usability or security.”
CA Identity Suite, which is comprised of CA Identity Manager and CA Identity Governance, is an integrated solution that combines robust functionality with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Supported by a unique and powerful analytics engine, CA Identity Suite is built from the ground-up to deliver automated, enterprise-grade identity management and governance capabilities, including provisioning support for on-premises and cloud applications and flexibility to integrate with other IT systems, as needed.
“Identity has become the core of digital trust in the application economy and the key enabler for next generation business applications that better engage and secure customers, partners and employees,” said Mordecai Rosen, general manager, Security at CA Technologies. “CA Identity Suite is our flagship Identity Management and Governance product and we are proud to be recognized by KuppingerCole as a leader in this market.”