2021 Press Releases

November 25, 2021

ArmourZero Launches Groundbreaking Security as a Service Platform

With an increasingly digitalised world and proportionally increasing cyber threats, cybersecurity protection is becoming critical as businesses and corporations integrate digital processes into their workflow. ArmourZero provides a comprehensive one-of-a-kind Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) solution to counter rising concerns of businesses with a one-stop Cloud IT Security Operation to plan, manage, track and orchestrate.
With a robust cloud infrastructure in place for global access, ArmourZero, built in partnership with premier security technology providers Automox, Avanan, CrowdStrike, DNS Filter and F-Secure, provides IT security protection that is seamless, easy, and cost-effective. An emphasis on Technology, People, and Processes allows the SECaaS to reinvent cybersecurity and close gaps in traditional solutions.
"Similar to human vaccination, it will be an overstatement if we claim that we offer 100% protection. To fight against continuous cyber attacks and cyber threats, relying on technology alone is not sufficient; we are connecting Technology, People, and Processes to close all the gaps and automate administrative security work for our customers without hassle in one single service platform, like nobody else done before," founder and CEO Tho Kit Hoong explained.
From flexible pricing, provisioning automation, user on/off-boarding, 24/7 round-the-clock security alerts and events monitoring, to support from certified security experts and more, ArmourZero eschews cumbersome and time-consuming methods housed entirely under just one subscription.
SECaaS : Breaking the Mould
Similar to SaaS evolution, SECaaS has grown in popularity over recent years and serves to ease the burden on in-house security teams, allow for scalability with growth, and reduce the costs of on-demand services.
ArmourZero eliminates high deployment costs of on-premise physical hardware and on-site service through its cloud setup and flexible subscription model. This model is designed to suit changing needs such as competitive pricing to outweigh high server costs as compared to computers and devices, and the deduction of unused users as credit for future add-ons or new subscriptions in various security categories. 
Organisations can save time and cost with the service's self-provisioning automation tool, alongside swift threat response and 24/7 round-the-clock security alerts and events monitoring via a security operations center (SOC). This is all operated by highly skilled and certified security experts working with the latest and most advanced technology.
As the first mover of a multi-security services orchestration platform, ArmourZero is ready to evolve today's cybersecurity industry with 7 services:

  • Endpoint Antivirus as-a-services

  • Endpoint Next-Gen Antivirus as-a-services

  • Endpoint Detection and Response as-a-services

  • Endpoint Detection and Response with Threat Intelligent as-a-services

  • Patch Management as-a-services

  • Email Protection as-a-services

  • Web Protection as-a-services

The range of security services can be further customised and adjusted according to business needs and requirements as part of the subscription.
ArmourZero Affiliate Program
ArmourZero also introduced a new business platform for individuals and referrals, to encourage individual partnership to ramp up cyber security measures through unique affiliate links to businesses looking, upgrade and streamline cyber protection.