Cyber Intelligence Asia 2022

When: Mar 22, 2022 at 02:00 PM

Indonesia is currently known as the world’s most vulnerable country that suffers cyber-attacks to their critical infrastructures. The government is working to change the current circumstances and build a stronger cyber defence against the nation’s infrastructures.

We are pleased to bring Intelligence-Sec's annual Cyber Intelligence Asia conference and exhibition to Indonesia for the first time. Our international show will bring together the regions leading cyber security experts to discuss national cyber security strategies, policies, roadmaps as well as the current cybercrimes being faced nationally and across the region.

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2022 is officially supported by the Indonesian Computer Emergency Response Team (ID-CERT) who will provide assistance with key topics that are of great interest to the local government and other South-East Asian countries.

During the 2-day conference you will hear information regarding national cyber security capabilities, cyber training and building awareness, cyber threat intelligence, combating cybercrimes nationally and across South-East Asia, cyber laws, cyber security strategies and police and international cooperation.

To be part of Intelligence-Sec's 9th annual Cyber Intelligence Asia conference and exhibition either as a sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or delegate please contact them on events@intelligence-sec.com or +44 1582 346 706.

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