Biometric Protection In The Palm Of Your Hand - Learn How You Can Secure Your Company With Fujitsu Palm Technology

When: Mar 19, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Join this webinar where Fujitsu will describe how the security of your users, devices and applications is literally in the palm of their hands.

Fujitsu Business Technology Asia, Raymond Foo, SVP of Business Development will explain how Fujitsu is a palm technology pioneer, why palm technology is the most practical and secure biometric marker you can use, and how they have integrated palm technology into a wider suite of authentication technology.

The webinar will cover how Palm-vein biometric technology protecting PC and Online Application against cyber threat for businesses.

Our digital identities have never been under greater attack or at more risk. Learn how Fujitsu’s cutting edge palm technology and AuthConductor software can add a layer of protection with an ease you may not have believed was possible.


Raymond Foo, SVP Marketing and Business Development of Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia solutions. With 16 years of working experiences in Fujitsu’s ITC, he has been focusing on business development in Asia market of Fujitsu client devices, IoTand innovative business solutions


Where: Webinar