Malaysia’s biggest data breaches in 2019

Cybersecurity is still a big concern for Malaysian organisations. Yet, many organisations are still not sure how much protection they should have. While the weakest link in any cybersecurity breach is always the human element, Malaysian organisations continue to take cybersecurity as just another IT issue.

Perhaps the data protection and privacy laws in Malaysia are not strong enough. The fines a company gets is just like a slap on the wrist. And more importantly, they feel their reputation will not be at risk no matter how many times their data is breached. Some organisations don’t even make their breach reports public.

The Malaysian government has announced that they will be looking to revamp the current data protection and privacy laws to ensure its stricter and more compliant to international standards like Europe’s GDPR. But until these laws are passed, we just got to hope that organisations are doing all they can to ensure their data is well secured and protected.

CSA prepared this infographic highlighting some of the biggest data breaches in Malaysia recently.

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