January Special Focus on Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty refers to the laws governing your data, and it’s not a simple subject. Even if you search for definitions, you will find different nuances. Some definitions focus on the laws in the nation where the data was collected, while others highlight the laws in which the data is stored. The reality is that both are relevant as both may have legal jurisdiction over how you store, manage, share and protect that data.

In fact, you can add to that the idea of data in transit, as data really can move through and across nations and is arguably subject to the laws of those nations in which it is transient. Later in this special focus, we look at the implications of data sovereignty and what it can mean in terms of fines and punitive measures if you are discovered breaching sovereignty laws for the data you hold. But in essence, it can be extremely costly not just in terms of brand reputation but in painful bottom line costs as well.

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