DSA Executive Briefing Note on Cloud Security A Shared Responsibility Supported by Barracuda

Cloud security is a rapidly evolving field that the IT professional needs to keep pace with and implement in line with their own cloud adoption journey. In this fast-paced cloud-centric revolution, businesses will move to cloud and security will have no choice but to “keep up”. As it does so, understanding the lines of shared responsibility are blurred is vital and partnering with a company that can remove the need to delve into the minutia of shared responsibility is critical.

Having a third party that is not only trusted, but is a recognised market leader in cloud-centric cybersecurity solutions, is a sensible choice to make. Barracuda’s extensive understanding of cloud security needs, and their security software that’s both cost-efficient and easy to adopt while continuing to accommodate existing infrastructure, clearly proves that they are a highly credible partner in securing and ensuring that your business more than covers cloud security and shared responsibility.

Download the Executive briefing note on Cloud Security - A Shared responsibilty to learn more. 

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