Data Destruction, an Overlooked Aspect of Data Security - March Special Focus

In an age that we describe as Data Driven, the idea of destroying or permanently deleting data is becoming increasingly alien.

File sharing technologies like dropbox and google drive, often mean that far from deleting data, multiple copies of every file you create can be stored on every device you own. Perhaps the even bigger demand to retain data is the “Big Data” wave that has come crashing in over the last five years or so.

We hear terms like “Data is the new oil” or “Your business is built on data” and “Customer data will help you predict what people will buy in the future.”

The over-riding message here is that Data is VERY valuable. As a general principal no one likes to throw away anything that is valuable. So the idea of data destruction runs against our most basic instincts. CEO’s are not going to spend their time worrying about how to destroy their company data when analysts and experts are queuing up to tell them that buried treasure lies in that data and they need to do more with it. To know more about this, download the e-book below. 

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