CSA's Executive Briefing Note on Establishing Boundaries in a Borderless Digital World With a Zero-Trust Approach

This is now a world without borders thanks to advancements in technology. These advancements include blazing fast and increasingly reliable internet connectivity and more powerful, multi-use gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Such borderless reality is none more evident than in the world of work, where members of a team can collaborate regardless of where they are via remote access.   
The result of this borderless world is a work-anywhere paradigm that the World Economic Forum predicts will be even more disruptive as the world transitions to the post-pandemic new normal. Put simply, more companies are expected to revise their workplace policies to accommodate remote work—something that the modern workforce will continue to demand moving forward.

Needless to say, remote access is a necessity in this borderless world if a business is to have any chance of thriving. But remote access of just any kind will not suffice. What organisations need instead is secure and seamless remote access for it to be a business enabler that can accomplish the following:

  • Boost remote work user productivity.

  • Reduce onboarding times.

  • Maintain fast and reliable user-to-application connectivity.

  • Enable business agility and cyber resiliency.

There is no question that remote access is something all organisations must offer. The only question is how to provide it in the safest, most secure and most seamless manner possible.

Find out how by downloading this Briefing Note from Cloudflare:

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