Building Your Cybersecurity Culture Online Assessment

As a leader in digital transformation, Dell Technologies not only provides a wide range of technology solutions, products, and services to drive business success, a very important goal that we have is also to help organisations enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Cyber attacks have become a serious and continuous threat to businesses of all sizes and verticals. A cyber attack is now happening every minute and the average cost of each attack is growing rapidly. Cyber attacks can disrupt operations, damage your business reputation and result in lawsuits related to data protection regulations.

In order to prepare your organisation to effectively deal with modern cyber threats, it has to start with creating a cybersecure corporate culture. Take this assessment to find out if your organisation has the culture that ensures everyone plays their part in data security.

By answering a few simple questions in this intelligent assessment, you will instantly receive a personalised expert report that will help you understand where your organisation currently is in this journey and which areas you need to focus on to build a robust cybersecurity culture.

Please do take the assessment. We hope you find the results very useful.

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