Horangi CEO Shares Future Plans for APAC in Addressing the Rising Demand for Cybersecurity

Southeast Asian cybersecurity company, Horangi recently announced that it is making its cybersecurity services available to the region’s organisations via Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, making it one of the first Asia Pacific (APAC) companies to do so. 

In an exclusive interview with CSA, the CEO and Co-Founder of Horangi, Paul Hadjy, explained that Horangi had big plans for growth in 2020 but because of the Covid-19 crisis that occurred, they decided that it would not make sense to pursue the rapid growth they had planned. Hence, they took a step back and re-strategised. Despite that, Paul mentioned that the company was still able to grow by 20 per cent and are targeting to grow even bigger in 2021.

It’s no surprise that Covid-19 and the resulting shift to remote work had major implications for the world of cybersecurity. With organisations now implementing the work from home policy, he sees that organisations are finding it challenging to manage risk when it’s in an environment they don’t control. As employees use their home network, organisations can’t see how their network was set up. Thus, it changes a lot of the security processes for companies that are more traditional.

“For companies that are lucky enough to be like us, SaaS and cloud-first business, it’s been easier just because all of that stuff is neatly built into our culture,” said Paul.

With Horangi being one of the first companies to hit the AWS marketplace, it allows them to accelerate their business and help their clients. In the video below, Paul explained further what this collaboration means for the company and how its attainment of the AWS Security Competency and participation in the AWS Independent Software Vendor Accelerate Programme positions it well to meet the evolving needs of Southeast Asia/Indonesia’s digital organisations.  

Paul shared an interesting quote from Gartner, “99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.” The quote caught his attention and underlined how Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) plays a vital role to improve digital risk posture. Essentially, CSPM helps to identify and remediate risks across cloud infrastructure; and Horangi has a solution to do just that.

“We have a solution called One-Click Remediation, which essentially, you can click a button in our application, that will not only identify those issues but also fix it. This is really important in kind of enabling these businesses that are moving to the cloud because they don’t necessarily have enough of the expertise to do these themselves. So, we kind of make it easier for them to just click a button to fix those security issues,” explained Paul.

According to him, Horangi supports customers across all cloud service infrastructure. This means that if you have an infrastructure like AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure or Alibaba Cloud and you would be able to use their products to monitor the cloud security compliance across all of them in one interface. And Paul thinks that’s the big selling point for their product and their customers to solve those security issues.

Paul also mentioned that the cloud is the future, and as a company, Horangi is looking to further focus on their product, the cloud security platform. Although their services have enabled them to grow as a business rapidly, their product is what they would like to focus on in the long term. And by partnering with AWS, he hopes that the company can achieve that and help their customers be confident when using their platform to secure their cloud infrastructure.

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