Highlights From Our Video Interview with Infoblox CEO

DDI security company Infoblox CEO was on his way through Kuala Lumpur when CSA were lucky enough to catch up with him and the team for a video interview. We have taken some of the highlights from the interview and shared them here.

The Infoblox Team –
Back row - Jesper Anderson, CEO , Ken Pohniman, Managing Director, ASEAN & ANZ, Jerry Wong, SE Malaysia
Front Row - Jessy Khoo, Country Manager, Malaysia , Emily Teh, Marketing Manager, APJ

“Networks need to be able to adapt to the traffic needs of different applications”
Jesper told us – It’s an Incredibly exciting time for the networking industry. We are seeing massive transformation brought on by things like hybrid cloud and IoT. This is leading for the need to scale in IT in general.
This is true for the network too. Networks need to scale better and faster and be more agile.

“At Infoblox we are specifically interested in DNS attacks - over the last few years that has become the most attacked network protocol today”
Jesper shared that statistics suggest that ASEAN companies are 35% more likely than other parts of the world to be cyber-attack targets so there is a real need for ASEAN organisations to defend their IT infrastructure.

“If DNS doesn’t work for a company it can be catastrophic.”
Jesper alerted us that even today it is far too common to see companies leave port 53 wide open for DNS. This is being abused and targeted.
He also explained that with the explosion we are seeing in devices, it leads to a lot more IP addresses being used. In short - every company is going to need better network protection.
ASEAN is critical for Infoblox and Malaysia is a really important country for the company as it is home to a team of tech support and development engineers in the beautiful Kuala Lumpur offices. 

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