BeyondTrust On A Mission To Build APAC Success Through Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Aside from developing a robust portfolio of privileged access and vulnerability management products, an essential aspect to BeyondTrust’s success has been through their emphasis on building relationships with partners and technology alliances over the years. According to BeyondTrust VP of Strategic Alliances, Joe Schramm, who we interviewed during the BeyondTrust 2018 APAC Partner Conference, a crucial part of the company’s philosophy is that they’re trying to be a very easy company to partner with. Channel partners are a big part of the company’s strategy for growth especially in a market like the Asia Pacific, where almost all of their business goes through the channel.

“We realised that in order to accelerate our growth as a company, we needed partners to help bring us into new markets especially in the Asia Pacific where there are many different countries. And for us to open up, so to speak, that many countries on our own would’ve been very difficult. We needed to focus on developing a good network of partners, and we do that mostly through distribution. So we have distributor partners in certain markets, who then recruit resellers for us to work with. And then those resellers have the relationships with the customers in their respective markets and countries,” Schramm explained. “And the bigger the channel gets, the more effective it becomes and the more collectively we will succeed together. That’s really important to our success. We expect to see more of that in 2018 because now we have a very nice set of maturing partners in the ecosystem that are all starting to produce and contribute.”

Another vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to BeyondTrust’s rapid growth is the technology alliances that they have forged with some of the biggest names in the world of IT and cyber security, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, McAfee, Oracle, Thales and SailPoint (the last two having been featured prominently during the event). On this, Schramm said, “With technology alliances, a lot of that is driven by customer demand. So the customers are buying our solutions, and they want it to interact with their IT service management solution or integrate it to their identity access management system, for example, so we build those integrations and building out the technology partner ecosystem is a big part of that. Other times we see partners coming to us saying that they want to build an integration as well.”

But what does it actually mean to be a BeyondTrust “technology partner”? Schramm explained that there’s a couple of elements to it. “One is that we have some technology partner alliances that are focused on not only product integration but also co-marketing and co-selling. SailPoint and McAfee fall into that category. There are elements to those relationships where both parties can work together to sell one another’s solutions into a certain market. And those are actually global relationships.” He continued, “Another element, for a partner like Thales, for example, we have not only technology integration, but we do marketing with them as well. And then the third level is just pure technology integration. In those cases, we have a technology alliance program whereby we provide our partners with software and access to our APIs, which enable them to build an integration that we can then certify.”

The technology alliances have resulted in quite a number of innovations, Schramm pointed out. The SailPoint integration that they have built, for example, was the first-of-its-kind bidirectional integration between an identity access management solution and a privileged access management solution that is managed by roles and entitlements. Meanwhile, BeyondTrust’s participation in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance program has yielded the first and only password management solution that is integrated with McAfee’s EPO solution. Schramm also mentioned that the coexistence of BeyondTrust’s technology and the Thales Vormetric solution has proven to be the only technology alliance that can protect data for privileged access as well as DCAP, which is the Data-Centric Audit and Protection aspect.

According to Schramm, they now have a solid foundation from which to strengthen their foothold in the Asia Pacific market, and BeyondTrust will continue to nurture the relationships they have worked hard to build over the past few years. “We have spent a lot of time over the last 18 months or so putting the foundation in place. We have done a really good job of getting a base of resellers in 14 different countries where we’re active right now throughout the Asia Pacific. So the strategy now going forward is, how do we build upon that? For 2018, we will be focusing on properly enabling and supporting those partners to be successful.”

In conclusion, Schramm said, “It’s now less about recruiting new partners, it’s more about how we really get going in a meaningful way with those partners that we now have in place. I’d like to reiterate what we’ve been telling our partner community – that we’re committed to their success. We want to continue to find ways to invest in [their] education, both on the sales side as well as the technical side, and we will continue to grow and invest in developing the region.”

Based on the overwhelming turnout for BeyondTrust’s first ever international partner conference as well as the overall positive vibes and enthusiasm from partners who attended, we’re certain that BeyondTrust is taking a step in the right direction in trying to forge a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with them. After all, it was apparent to us that everyone who spoke on behalf of BeyondTrust had absolute confidence in the strength of their products. Now they’re counting on their partners to send the message across to customers in this diverse and complex region and thus, we think treating their partners with well-deserved respect and being a company that is easy to partner with will only serve to benefit BeyondTrust in the long run.

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