Users Poor Practices Main Reason For Security Breach

Handphones, laptops, Facebook, Twitter accounts and even remote control cars can be easily hacked by a few lines of code. But what is disturbing from learning this, is that the user of these platforms has the ultimate power in making sure they are kept safe and away from the prying of cybercriminals. The reason that is disturbing, is because the user doesn’t know this fact and therefore is usually the reason for massive data breaches.

This was the general consensus at the panel discussion during the Cyber Security Asia 2018 being held in Sheraton Kuala Lumpur. The 2 day event focuses on the rapidly growing connectivity and the accelerating pace of digital transformation that is exposing the APAC region, making it particularly vulnerable to cyber exploitation.

Dato’ Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO, CYBERSECURITY MALAYSIA said “Cybersecurity affects the security, stability and progress of country nations. Nations with strong cybersecurity capabilities will succeed and lead in the future whereas others will be left behind. The same is true for organisations large and small as they compete in an ever competitive global economy denominated by high technology, allowing them to scale while protecting their brand and customers. Nations, organisations, schools and indeed society at large will have to realign quickly to the new world order to ensure their survival and growth into the next century.”

Prior to the panel discussion, participants were treated to a display of just how easily hackers can gain access to any or all of our information by the Founder of Cyber Shaolin, Rueben Paul. Only thirteen years of age, he is known as a Cyber Security Ambassador, Child Hacker, Keynote Speaker, Black Belt in Shaolin Do Kung Fu, USA Gymnast, Video-gamer & Cyber Ninja to name a few.

He shared how by simply downloading an available hacking software, one can decipher exact locations and information about people who have Twitter or Facebook accounts. He even goes on to show that applications are actually ‘TrApps’ in so much as they are instruments used to gain and access more information from the user. Home utensils can also be used as spy-ware while remote control toys can be hacked through knowing simple lines of code, what more a professional hacker.

On a more serious note, during the panel discussion, the panellists were concerned by the ability of hackers to easily gain access to millions of files and sensitive information, such as bank accounts and passwords of users to, in turn, gain access to banks and government agencies.

“The hackers will have a hard time to break into a banks security because it is very robust. But if they target the user who does not have good security practices, then that will be how the banks will be robbed of the money of their clients,” shared Sazali Bin Sukardi, SVP for Strategic Research at Cybersecurity Malaysia.

He went on to say that most of the time, because of the poor practices of the user, such as using easily decoded passwords, similar passwords for all access points, downloading unverified files and other such practices, were the main reasons for the breaches that occur in banks or in large corporations. Educating staff and the general population has become a number one priority in making sure massive breaches are significantly reduced.

The 2 day event which ends on the 5th of September, features 20 world renowned speakers from across the globe sharing their knowledge and experiences.

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