SICW 2022 to Explore Cybersecurity in Conflict-Ridden Times and Announce Key Security-Related Developments for the Region

Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW 2022) 2022 is drawing near, with Asia-Pacific’s premier cybersecurity event scheduled for the 18th to the 20th of October. It will be a hybrid event, with the virtual aspect meant to accommodate the still ongoing COVID-19 situation and the physical component to take place at Singapore’s famed Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

The theme of SICW 2022 is “Digital Security—A Shared Responsibility,” which David Koh, Chief Executive at Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA), emphasised in a pre-SICW 2022 virtual media brief, where he described cybersecurity as “a global team effort.” The event itself is set amidst a backdrop of escalating and evolving cyber threats in a time of geopolitical tension and the global uncertainties international conflicts are causing. This volatile landscape figures to make for a compelling three days in which resource persons and keynote speakers will explore themes such as managing complex digital domains and strengthening cybersecurity partnerships. Other notable topics to be explored in the CSA’s hybrid flagship include adapting to new challenges and navigating volatile power relations, especially between the world’s superpowers.

SICW 2022 will again feature high-level discussions and insightful conversations among the world’s best and most respected cybersecurity experts, industry leaders and policymakers in critical areas of cybersecurity, including the merging of digital opportunities and cyber threats, the continuing evolution of cyberspace and cybersecurity policies and the implementation of cyber norms. Announcements to the following will also be made:

  • The creation of the ASEAN Regional Computer Emergency Response Team (ASEAN CERT), a key initiative in strengthening cybersecurity in Southeast Asia through strong regional coordination in regard to information sharing and exchange of cybersecurity best practices.

  • The establishment of a Southeast Asia Liaison Position at the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE). The liaison will connect Southeast Asia to the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, thus ensuring a seamless exchange of best practices, enabling a deeper understanding of the region’s cyber capability gaps, and facilitating better coordination of cyber-capacity building efforts amongst the region’s stakeholders and allowing for the efficient use of resources to remediate said gaps.

  • The creation of a Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for Medical Devices [CLS (MD)] that will rate medical devices based on their levels of cybersecurity provisions. It aims to incentivise the adoption of a security-by-design approach so that manufacturers can develop more secure products for the medical device industry. It will also enable consumers and healthcare providers to make informed decisions about the devices they will use.

  • The creation of an Inter-Agency Task Force to Counter Ransomware Threats, which will be composed of senior Government representatives from a variety of domains, including technology, financial regulation, cybersecurity and law enforcement. The task force’s purpose will be to address the cross-border cybersecurity problem that is ransomware by fostering greater international cooperation in cybersecurity, financial supervision and cross-border law enforcement.

  • Launch of Internet Hygiene Portal as a One-Stop Cybersecurity Platform for Enterprises, which is an initiative under Singapore’s Safer Cyberspace Masterplan 2020. The portal will be a one-stop platform that will provide enterprises easy access to resources and self-assessment tools to help them adopt security best practices in their digitalisation journey.

  • Launch of SME Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, which aim to recognise Singaporean businesses that are committed to cybersecurity.

  • Launch of the CSA-National Cybersecurity R&D Lab Scholarship (NCLS), which seeks to strengthen Singapore’s cybersecurity sector by supporting the National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory initiative and training cybersecurity professionals.

Registration CSA flagship is still ongoing. Click HERE to find out more. 

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