RSA in Asia 2019 Kicks Off Let The Sharing Commence

The cybersecurity ecosystem is not generally open source, but as anyone in the ecosystem will tell you, it has an open source feel to it.

RSA exemplifies that concept with a big focus on information sharing among experts. Cybersecurity for commercial companies comes with a level of responsibility that is perhaps more serious than almost any other industry.

Keeping people, businesses, companies, government departments and even states safe from cyber breach is an important task. That’s why sharing knowledge, sharing data (sometimes) and working together to combat threats make sense in this field possibly more than any other.

RSA brings together an ecosystem of exhibitors, conference streams, training companies, and ethical hackers to share and display this knowledge.

Over the next few days, we will look forward to insightful speeches from speakers like Amrin Amin from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Leong Boon Ang Head of IT security at the National University of Singapore and Jean Ian-Boutin the Head of Threat Research at ESET.

We know that with artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with the march of IoT, that the challenges security professionals need to master are getting broader and vaster, not easier. In line with this, as we look among the exhibitors, we notice a move to solutions that secure cloud, edge and connected devices.

An event like this helps to concentrate enormous amounts of information into one place to assist in helping CISOs and their teams on the front line keep ahead of the curve.

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