Revolutionary Blockchain 3.0 Under CSE Platform

Following the success of Blockchain 1.0 (BTC) and Blockchain 2.0 (ETH), CSE SG PTE LTD, a Blockchain company from Singapore has launched the revolutionary Blockchain Platform 3.0 (CSE30) and Smart contract 2.0.

After more than four years of research and development, Blockchain 3.0 (CSE) overcomes the weakness of prior Blockchain technologies and delivers even more.

Blockchain 1.0 under Bitcoin and Blockchain 2.0 Ethereum have inherent weaknesses that limit their ability for effective scaling up due to factors such as: slow processing speed, energy costs, high transaction fees and others. Blockchain 3.0 will have super speed, a lower fee, the ability to off chain and a smart contract 2.0.

The Blockchain 3.0 completed a CSE transaction in under six seconds, compared to about ten minutes for BTC and seven minutes for ETH.

CSE has launched a technology that allows Off chain, encrypted transactions without internet environment at speeds up to 0.003s (3 million seconds). However, the limiting point of this technology is its limited number and the receiver is not anonymous to prevent fraud.

Ethereum invented Smartcontract 1.0 and has leveraged its strength in dealing with various types of financial contracts. CSE Smart Contract 2.0 has a more intelligent feature with multi-contractual conditions and multi-industry applications create your crypto, access source, blockchain library, blockchain authentication for education, blockchain authentication for real estate, etc.

Investors in technology field are paying special attention to this new platform awaiting further information on this.

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