NACSA developing master plan on cyber security - Wan Azizah

The National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) is developing a Cyber Security Awareness Master Plan (PIKKS), a strategic plan that will outline the role and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the implementation of cyber security awareness programmes in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the plan is aimed at coordinating the implementation of cyber security awareness programmes nationwide to ensure they benefit the people nationwide.

“It will also be complemented with plans to promote cyber awareness and security, nurturing and raising awareness of internet and social media users, especially children, teenagers and parents," she said in a special interview by Bernama and RTM at her office here.

She said PIKKS would also focus on instilling cyber hygiene to public and private organisations, including the Critical National Information Infrastucture (CNII).

The document on PIKKS is expected to be released in October after it has been approved by the Cabinet, she added.

Meanwhile, Dr Wan Azizah said a national cyber crisis exercise known as X-Maya is expected to be held in November this year and will involve the participation of at least 100 CNII agencies to test their readiness and preparedness in facing cyber attacks.

“Last year, we were involved at the Asia Pacific-level, we had done it in Malaysia and this year we are organising it again in the country. This initiative will help the government to identify weaknesses and gaps in terms of procedures and technical expertise of the critical agencies towards improving cyber security in the country, ” she said.

Dr Wan Azizah, who is also Women, Family and Community Development Minister, said the ministry is selecting 100 women to participate in this year’s Empowering Women in Cyber Risk Management programme.

She said the programme targets women professionals who have been out of work for over six months to be given skills training in cyber security.

“The programme is a continuation of the one implemented last year which focused on skills training in cyber security, personal data protection, risk management and cyber security incidents," she added.

Source from Bernama

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