Educating Citizens Is The Key To Cybersecurity – Mika Lauhde at CYDES 2021

Following the discussion about cybersecurity in the Cyber Defence & Security Exhibition And Conference (CYDES 2021), Mika Lauhde, Vice-President Cyber Security & Privacy, Global Public Affairs, Huawei answered questions from media representatives in a virtual group interview.

Mika was asked first what strategies governments need to consider when it comes to their cybersecurity. For him, countries should not think that cybersecurity is something technical, which may keep citizens aside in the discussion.

“This is not the case anymore. We need to be involved with all levels of society. Cybersecurity is cooperation, teamwork – and we should not leave anybody out of the society,” Mika added.

Companies like Huawei cannot be teaching people in the schools for this initiative, but Mika said they could support governments or other institutions so that they can realise this kind of education. He added that this kind of knowledge is also building the critical thinking that is much needed in cybersecurity.

For example, Huawei has the ‘Seeds For The Future’ program that aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge the communication gaps between countries and cultures. Mika also mentioned that there should be comprehensive discussions and education programs, but not everybody has to be some kind of technology or cybersecurity expert. “People need basic skills. We would be learning from them, they would be learning from us. And this would be bringing up the competencies in cyberspace,” Mika explained.

Moreover, Mika was also asked how citizens or end-users have protection in today’s cyber landscape. Mika cited that the basics are important, such as not clicking everything you see online. In addition, he said that removing unnecessary applications from mobile phones also needs to be considered, as doing so reduces the digital footprint or presence of a user. Hence, there would be less tracking and other surveillance in the digital landscape.

As for the action of the government, Mika believes that nobody should be left behind, “because anybody can be the weakest link in the whole system.”

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