Dell Latitude 10th generation brings speed and security to a new level

As digitalisation continues to innovate workplace mobility, mobile PCs for businesses need to be able to cope with the growing demands of this as well. Today, mobility allows employees to work from anywhere anytime. Employees would need to work in speed and stay secured so that they can be more productive. Laptops that help users work faster and stay productive longer continues to be in demand.

At the recent Dell Technologies World 2019 at Las Vegas, Dell introduced the 10th generation of its Latitude commercial PCs. The latest addition to the Latitude family has been completely reimagined to address the needs of the evolving workforce. With a sleeker and a more compact easy to carry design, the laptop is designed with IT departments in mind and aims to get the most out of business users in mobility and productivity.

Connectivity to the cloud from a mobility device from a mobile workplace on a non-secured network has its potential risks for a business. Laptops can’t control the access of networks as this involves more software instead of hardware. But what laptops can do is provide the physical authentication needed when accessing these applications. This is where biometric sign-in and multi-factor security options come in.

Latitude laptops provide better security in workplace mobility with its next-gen biometric sign-in and multi-factor security options. Security concerns on workplace mobility continue to be on the mind of most businesses and employees. According to a recent Ispos survey conducted on behalf of Dell, 80% of workers believe built-in security features can help keep company data safe. The survey also revealed that full time working adults consider built-in security features to be one of the three most important factors when choosing a work PC.

There are many ways businesses can be compromised or hacked when an employee works mobile. Apart from non-secure connections, cybercriminals can spy on laptop screens to capture and get the information needed. To provide a more secure device for employees, Dell added a couple more security features to their laptops.

Dell’s Latitudes are equipped with fingerprint readers built into the power button. The Windows Hello-capable IR cameras provide the added biometric authentication. Dell SafeScreen, a new camera privacy shutter filter will automatically reduce the viewing angles with a push of a button, making it nearly impossible to read text unless you’re directly in front of the screen. Adding to that, the FIPS 201 contacted Smart Card Reader or Contactless Smart Card Reader with SafeID protects user credentials. The laptop also supports Dell’s SafeBIOS utility, giving customers added visibility to BIOS changes by verifying the firmware’s integrity securely in the cloud.

Apart from the security features, the 10th generation Latitude is optimised for the new Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, providing frustration free, ready to work experience. The commercial docking stations are the world’s most powerful charging and first modular docks with upgradeable power and connectivity meeting the needs of an ever-changing workspace.

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