Cybersecurity Malaysia to Host C-level Roundtable on Cybersecurity Issues

As governments around the world continue implementing new rules and regulations on cybersecurity and data privacy, the need to improve and provide better cybersecurity services and options continues to be the main talking point for most businesses and organisations. Cybersecurity laws like Europe’s GDPR and the many new laws in the Southeast Asian region are now setting the benchmark for the compliance of these issues.

With global predictions stating that cybercrime will only continue to increase every year, more companies are taking steps to boost their cybersecurity systems. But the fundamental problem most companies face is how much cybersecurity do they really need. This is because no matter how prepared businesses think they are, cybercriminals are still finding ways to attack and cause lots of problems.

Among the threats that are predicted to increase in 2019 and beyond include targeted phishing attacks. A study conducted in 2018 revealed that online phishing attacks were up 297% over last year. It is most likely that this trend will continue this year as well. Add that to the growing number of ransomware and malware threats, the landscape of cybersecurity protection for businesses only grows even bigger.

Malaysia was ranked the highest country In Southeast Asia for malware threats in 2018, encountering more than 16 million malware threats throughout the year. Adding to that, spending on cybersecurity in the ASEAN region is only US$1.9 billion, which is less than half of the global average. Singapore spends the most on cybersecurity, but other ASEAN nations are still not spending enough.

To help understand the problems faced by businesses and organisations, government agencies have been having lots of discussions with industry leaders. In Malaysia, Cybersecurity Asean (CSA) will host a roundtable discussion attended by security executives from government agencies and major business organisations on the 26th of March 2019. The event will serve as a platform for C-level attendees to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts with regards to effective and secure IT governance.

The roundtable session, themed “Keeping Business Safe In A World Of Mobility and Open Communication”, will be chaired by an executive from CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia’s national cybersecurity specialist agency, and moderated by Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of Asia Online Publishing Group (publisher of CSA).

Experts from technology and cybersecurity organisations such as Ingram Micro, IBM and Fortinet will also be present to share details of the latest R&D directions as well as research being undertaken by their companies that are relevant and related to the important issues of staying safe in today’s digitally connected world.

Roundtable discussions often provide an excellent opportunity for attendees from various verticals and industries to express their views, compile and weigh differing opinions. It is therefore hoped that this roundtable will bring out the most from those who are passionate, informed and willing to share their perspective on how to keep the business safe amidst an increasingly volatile cyber threat landscape.

The roundtable discussion, with speakers from CyberSecurity Malaysia together with Ingram Micro, IBM and Fortinet, will benefit all attendees in overcoming and understanding the growing concern of cyber threats.

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