CSA To Host C-Level Roundtable on Cyber Safety and Security with CyberSecurity Malaysia

Today’s organisations, both in the private and public sectors alike, are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. With the ever-growing use of internet-enhanced technologies like cloud, the internet of things (IoT), industrial IoT (IIoT), edge computing, big data analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), securing our data and digital assets has become an even bigger challenge as well as priority than ever before.
Cybersecurity has undoubtedly become one of the most critical challenges facing our society today. This is especially true for Malaysian organisations that are embarking on their Industry 4.0 transformation in line with the Industry 4WRD national policy.

Knowing the importance of spreading good cybersecurity awareness, Cybersecurity Asean (CSA) will host a roundtable discussion attended by security executives from government agencies and major business organisations on the 26th of March 2019.

Very often, good security practices and principles have to start at the top of an organisation. The event will serve as a platform for C-level attendees to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts with regards to effective and secure IT governance. The aim of the discussion is to help attendees better understand the most pressing issues facing today’s industry leaders so that they are able to mitigate the challenges and boost their organisations’ cyber readiness in 2019.

The roundtable session, themed “Keeping Business Safe In A World Of Mobility and Open Communication”, will be chaired by an executive from CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia’s national cybersecurity specialist agency, and moderated by Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of Asia Online Publishing Group (publisher of CSA).

Experts from technology and cyber security organisations such as Ingram Micro, IBM and Fortinet will also be present to share details of the latest R&D directions as well as research being undertaken by their companies that are relevant and related to the important issues of staying safe in today’s digitally connected world.

The roundtable discussion will certainly provide a great opportunity for attendees from various verticals and industries to express their views, compile and weigh differing opinions, especially from those who are passionate, informed and willing to share their perspective on how to keep the business safe amidst an increasingly volatile cyber threat landscape.

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