Check Point APAC CPX 2021 Highlights the Urgent Need for a Holistic and Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity

If there is one important thing the pandemic has caused to organisations around the world that would still be relevant in the future, it would be the opening of new attack vectors in the cybersecurity landscape. This is because companies are now shifting more and more of their operations online and enabling their workforce to operate remotely, with many planning to continue doing so after the pandemic.
Since these changes are here to stay, Gil Shwed, Founder & CEO, Check Point Software Technologies, said that this only means that organisations will need to secure their businesses and their employees from threats everywhere. In his keynote session at the virtual APAC CPX 2021 event, Gil explained what the cyber industry needs to do and what Check Point can provide in the current cybersecurity landscape.

According to him, we are now in the fifth generation of cyber attacks. To mitigate threats that are becoming more malicious and sophisticated, Gil said companies need to equip their business with next generation of cybersecurity solutions. “These attacks are multi-vector that get in from one place and attacking a different place. They hide themselves very well and they are polymorphic. So, simple patterns or signatures do not work. We have to use various technologies, and this is the big challenge”, he explained.
Indeed, today’s organisations need to deploy various solutions to secure their IT infrastructure – from networks to the cloud, up to the end-users (including their remote employees), on top of the necessary integration between these areas. Having a plethora of platforms may seem like a good idea, but such an approach is inefficient and raises complexity.

That is why in solving this predicament, Gil said that Check Point offers a single platform that connects all an organisation’s cybersecurity needs, through the Check Point Infinity platform. According to him, it is the only fully consolidated cybersecurity architecture that protects businesses and IT infrastructure against Gen V cyber attacks across all networks, endpoint, the cloud and mobile. Check Point Infinity works with four major areas of cybersecurity:

  1. The Quantum, which is responsible for securing the network. Gil announced that Check Point would be adding the Quantum Flash, which features a super-fast firewall gateway. Another addition is the Quantum Spark appliance for securing branch offices and the Quantum IoT to secure IoT devices.

  1. For the cloud, Check Point Infinity has CloudGuard. In his keynote, Gil announced the new next-generation Web Application Firewall (WAF), featuring contextual AI for precise prevention.

  1. Gill announced a new addition to the Infinity platform, which is called Harmony. It aims to provide cloud-delivered security for remote employees to achieve endpoint security and secure clientless connectivity, VPN access, emails, internet browsing and mobile devices.

  1. On top of all of this is the Infinity Vision, the platform’s unified management solution.

To end his session, Gil said that we are in the new world and that we have what it takes to secure it. “This is our opportunity to redefine the role of cybersecurity in 2021, to choose the ingredients from the Infinity platform to the level of security that we need – prevention, consolidation, and manageability to fight the cyber pandemic, to fight Gen V attacks. Yes, we can do it”.

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