Chatting with Infoblox’s Executives at Cloud Expo Singapore 2018

DSA was an official media partner at the recent Cloud Expo Asia event that took place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The event is becoming one of the largest technology events in the region and the number of vendors on hand over the two days was impressive.

The Infoblox stand was super busy, but we managed to grab two of the Infoblox execs for a few minutes to understand a bit more about their aims for the show and plans for the region.

Chatting with their Senior Director of Product Management, Craig Sanderson, he started off by reminding us that in this cloud-based era, protecting DNS (Infoblox’s sweet spot) is absolutely critical. Most companies have security solutions in place for email and web, but DNS is a bit more challenging. It’s a protocol which needs to be open in order to access the internet. As a result, Infoblox is seeing old versions of malware being rehashed via DNS. Craig pointed out that stealing something like credit card details in a DNS packet can happen because all too often, the security team is not scrutinising DNS traffic.

With it being “Cloud Expo”, Craig also pointed out how Infoblox is helping customers manage the security challenges that get more significant as systems spread across premise, cloud and even SaaS. As companies move increasingly to this setup, DNS and DHCP is the underlying technology that is needed to link it all together. That's exciting for Infoblox as the company brings security expertise and applies it to these protocols. For people visiting Cloud Expo, it's clearly something they need to understand.

We also got the chance to speak to Bill McCarthy – Infoblox’s Executive VP of Global Field Operations. Bill explained he was excited to be in Singapore for the event because last year, the ASEAN region grew at twice the rate of the rest of the company. So, supporting the strong team he already has in the region was important. Bill sees emerging regions as important for Infoblox and ASEAN comes high up on his list. He sees a lot of investment is happening in infrastructure and connectivity, and Infoblox has a big role to play in securing that connectivity.

When we asked Bill if he had any message for visitors to Cloud Expo, he reminded us of the threats companies face if they do not have protected DNS and DHCP. It’s reported that DNS is the number one threat vector for cyber attacks. That's because it's the most open way to get valuable or sensitive data out of a network. Given the fact it is being heavily targeted, not having security in place risks undiscovered theft of sensitive and valuable business data.


You can see our conversations in with Bill and Craig here.

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