Beware the FaceTime bug!

iPhone users are experiencing a huge privacy problem as a newly discovered FaceTime bug poses an eavesdropping problem. The bug which has been around for the last couple of days allows iPhone users to call another device via the FaceTime video chat service and hear their audio even before the recipient answers the call.

In other words, this bug literally turns any iPhone into an audio or video transmitting device without the user’s knowledge. Apple, which prides itself for its privacy and security is now facing a serious problem in dealing with this.
Imagine is this bug is harnessed by hackers. The bug can be used to spy on everyone without us realising it. A scenario like this would be technology’s biggest nightmare.

Reports have shown that Apple has not been able to patch the problem yet but hope to have a software fix update by the end of the week. Apple has since deactivated the group call function on FaceTime as well.

All this comes a day after World Privacy Day in which Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted, “We must keep fighting for the kind of world we want to live in. On this Data Privacy Day, let us all insist on action and reform for vital privacy protections. The dangers are real, and the consequences are too important.”

As concerns on data privacy and security continue to loom technological advancements, a bug like this in one of the “world’s most secured companies” just shows how serious the situation really is. But at the same time, it also shows us how important it is for us to be aware of changes in our devices.

Cybersecurity experts have often spoken on scenarios like this happening. For them, a bug like this clearly indicates the vulnerability of devices to be exposed as well.

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