Being ‘Prepared’ More Critical Than Being ‘Ready’ In Cyber Security

With 50 million personal records leaked amongst them mobile numbers, MyKad numbers and handset models of private users, as well as 220,000 organ donors and their next-of-kin entries containing MyKad numbers, home addresses and telephone numbers leaked online beginning of 2018, the need for cyber security to take center stage in this Industrial Revolution 4.0 has to be now.

Keynote speaker for Cyber Resilience and Info Security Conference (CRIS.3.0), Melvin Foong, CEO Titan System Integration SDN BHD, addressed attendees at the conference saying the conversations at the event relates to businesses and not just on knowledge on protecting manufacturing.

“When we talk about Industry 4.0 we are looking at the 4th generation which is similar to the 3rd generation with a small difference where we are looking at the connectivity of data and automation. Now it’s all about robotics and interconnectivity,” he said as he described the evolution of the industry.

He shared that as he looked at the technology today and the evolution of robotics from a security perspective, it would mean that this will become another device that companies embrace and it also means potential attacks from cyber criminals.

“There’s a need to actually change the way we think because all the while in cyber security, we are all thinking about how we actually protect servers, how we protect just computers, but now there’s another challenge where your companies data are going to be connected with new systems like robots,” he said adding emphasis to the manufacturing sector.

It has never occurred to people that all devices would be connected, with the vast amounts of devices that we see proliferating the market place. From devices that read our body temperature, to devices that monitor traffic congestion and not to mention manufacturing devices that are constantly collecting terabytes of data.

“There (are) endless possibilities for connectivity. It’s a good thing technology wise, that we are actually able to connect more devices. When we talk about industry 4.0, there are a lot of challenges besides IT,” he said
For cyber security to be have an impact, companies need to be better prepared. Simply saying that they are ‘Ready’ doesn’t cut it anymore because those companies the like of banks and government agencies, have already been hacked and proven not ready. Melvin believes it is about time organisations and governments look at how they can be better ‘Prepared’ because then they will look at what needs to be done to make sure they are able to ward off cyber attacks.

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